Assemble elastic teams in days seamlessly with AI-powered talent shortlisting and matching, saving you time and reducing risk

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Talent Pipeline

Get curated shortlists tailored to your specific needs, ensuring you find the best fit for your team.


AI-Matched Teams

Leverage advanced AI to create flexible teams that can easily expand and contract, matching individuals based on skills, personality traits, and work history.


Seamless Deployment

Access managed integration with our HR and project management portal, streamlining the onboarding process and enhancing efficiency.

Who Is It For?

Scaleup Founders

Looking for an hiring co-pilot so they can focus on running their business. Whether you want to integrate your talents or have them managed by Alteam.

Talent Managers

Who want to have access to a wide pool of talents- candidates and contractors- and our tools to shortlist and match them in teams.

Innovation Leads

Hiring contractors and on-demand agile teams to ideate fast on new ideas and launch new MVP products in their organisation.

Why choose Alteam Scale?


Successful project delivered by our managed squads


Cheaper than the median recruiter fee


Vetted talents in our network-and growing

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You don't have to sign up while we are developing our SaaS platform. Fill in the Contact form, and a team member will contact you.

We do not send CVs, schedule interviews and stop there. Alteam provides ongoing support throughout the project lifecycle.

We leverage our talent network and use AI-powered tools to match individuals best to job spec and to match people in teams.

We conduct up to two screening interviews, ask for referral(s), and run background checks when the client requests them.

Yes, we do. You can choose Managed By Team, which is fully managed by our trained Agile delivery lead