Empowering Expian’s Product Growth from Seed to Series A

Industry: Enertainment, Finance, Technology


As Expian continued its rapid ascent in the tech industry, transitioning from Seed to Series A funding, they faced significant challenges in scaling their operations effectively. Their primary hurdle involved customizing their innovative product to meet the diverse needs of various client types — a task that demanded a more robust and versatile team.


Alteam responded with a tailored approach to team augmentation, leveraging our elastic team model and startup-centric processes. Our strategy was centered around enhancing Expian’s capacity for customisation and scalability without compromising their agility or innovation.

Delivery process

  1. Networking and Talent Acquisition: We tapped into our extensive network of remote freelancers, skilled in diverse technological domains, to find candidates who were not only fit for the task but also a cultural match for Expian.
  2. Rigorous Selection Process: Candidates underwent a two-step interview process, ensuring alignment with Expian’s specific requirements. The initial interviews were conducted by Alteam to assess technical skills and compatibility, followed by client-led interviews to finalise selections.
  3. Integration and Mentorship: Once selected, contractors were integrated into Expian’s operations through a structured pre-onboarding process. Each member of the augmented team was assigned a senior mentor from YJC, ensuring they were well-prepared and supported to contribute effectively from day one.
  4. Synchronisation with Client Systems: To streamline workflow and maintain consistency, we connected our team with Expian’s internal timesheet and invoice systems, ensuring seamless operation and easy tracking of deliverables and hours.


The Scale solution provided by Alteam enabled Expian to not only meet the increased demand for their customisable product but also to do so in a way that aligned with their agile and innovative company culture. The augmentation facilitated their growth during a critical phase of their development, aiding their successful transition to Series A funding.


This collaboration highlights Alteam’s commitment to providing flexible and effective solutions tailored to the unique challenges faced by startups. As Expian continues to grow and evolve, Alteam remains a trusted partner, ready to support and facilitate their journey with strategic insights and practical solutions.