Enhancing Solo60’s Digital Presence in Proptech and Fitness

Client: Solo60

Industry: Property Technology and Fitness


Solo60, a seed-stage startup uniquely positioned at the crossroads of property technology and fitness, sought to dramatically enhance its digital footprint. The challenge was to revamp its existing website and mobile application to attract more users and provide an enriched user experience that could scale as the startup grew.


Alteam devised a focused strategy that combined expert UX/UI design with skilled software engineering to transform Solo60’s digital platforms. This approach was tailored to elevate the startup’s online presence and ensure scalability for future growth.

Delivery process

  1. Strategic Design and Development Team: Alteam assembled a lean, highly effective team of two part-time UX/UI designers and software engineers who were already acquainted with the designers’ methodologies. This familiarity and synergy within the team facilitated a smooth and efficient design process.
  2. Website and Mobile App Revamp: The project concentrated on overhauling the user interfaces and functionalities of both the website and mobile app. Our team implemented cutting-edge design principles and technologies to create a more engaging and intuitive user experience.
  3. Scalable Solutions and Milestone-Based Implementation: Recognising the need for scalability in Solo60’s rapidly evolving market, Alteam ensured that the digital solutions could expand in functionality and user capacity as required. We strategically introduced new design assets at crucial development milestones, which supported a structured yet flexible project escalation.


The collaboration led to a significant transformation in Solo60’s digital presence, with an enhanced interface that met and user expectations. The revamped platforms have facilitated increased user engagement and retention, positioning Solo60 to capitalize on the burgeoning intersection of fitness and property technology.

Client Testimonial

“Alteam completely transformed my view on flexible hiring. They went above and beyond to support my business and provided the most skilled individuals I’ve ever worked with. Wish I found them sooner!” — Ben Alderton, Founder, Solo 60


This case study demonstrates Alteam’s ability to deliver tailored, impactful digital solutions that enhance user experience and ensure scalability and adaptability to future needs. As Solo 60 continues to innovate at the intersection of proptech and fitness, Alteam remains a trusted partner in their journey towards digital excellence.