Finding Skilled Talents To Grow, Redesign and Engineer Complex Software

Client: OptimiseAI

Industry: Climate-Tech


OptimiseAI, a rapidly growing climate-tech startup, faced challenges in assembling a deep tech team with specialised skills, having an outdated branding and a website to redesign and many features to deliver for pilot projects.

Solution: Alteam provided a multi-faceted approach, leveraging our SCALE product for AI-powered talent matching and a comprehensive branding revamp.


  • Branding and Website Refresh: Assigned a UX/UI and web designer to create a new website and branding assets.
  • Strategic Hiring: Analysed requirements and product plans to hire a permanent developer while augmenting the team with contractors.
  • Expert Matching: Connected OptimiseAI with a C-level Senior Data Modeller and Software Engineer with energy management and data visualisation expertise.
  • Efficient Payment System: Enabled payment to contractors on a 30-day schedule with a single invoice, simplifying financial management.


  • Brand Enhancement: Developed a new website and branding assets, elevating OptimiseAI’s market presence.
  • Team Augmentation: Successfully hired a new developer and matched with expert contractors.
  • Cost Efficiency: Keeping within OptimiseAI seed stage startup budget
  • Talent Match: Achieved a 100% talent match using our AI-powered SCALE product.


This case study demonstrates Alteam’s capability to support rapidly growing startups with strategic talent acquisition and branding solutions. OptimiseAI’s successful team augmentation and branding refresh highlight the impact of Alteam’s tailored support and innovative approaches.