Streamlining User Energy Tracking and Experience for Glide with Advanced Mobile Product

Industry: IT Services


Glide, a prominent player in the IT services sector, faced significant challenges managing the high volume of inbound calls and emails that were straining their customer service capabilities and operational efficiency. The need was for a robust solution that could streamline communications, improve responsiveness, and free up valuable resources.


Alteam responded with a custom-built application designed specifically for iOS and Android platforms. By leveraging advanced technologies like native React components and integrating strategic third-party APIs, we aimed to transform Glide’s communication infrastructure.

Delivery Process

  1. Custom Mobile Application Development: Alteam developed a tailored application for both iOS and Android systems, focusing on usability and performance. The use of native React components ensured a seamless, efficient, and highly responsive user experience.
  2. Integration of Third-Party APIs: Recognising the need to streamline workflows and enhance communication efficiency, we integrated several third-party APIs into the application. This integration allowed for better management of customer interactions and more effective communication channels.
  3. Operational Enhancement: With the new app, Glide was able to significantly reduce the overload of inbound communications. The application not only improved the management of calls and emails but also provided tools that helped staff respond more quickly and effectively.


The comprehensive application provided by Alteam revolutionised Glide’s approach to customer service. By significantly reducing the strain caused by previous inefficiencies, Glide has enhanced its overall service delivery, leading to improved customer satisfaction and operational scalability.


This case study exemplifies Alteam’s expertise in delivering customised technological solutions that address specific operational challenges faced by clients in the IT services industry. Glide’s enhanced capabilities and streamlined operations underscore Alteam’s role in driving operational excellence and customer satisfaction.