Transforming with Strategic Technical Leadership and Agile Development

Esai platform

Industry: Educational Technology

Challenge, an emerging startup in the educational technology sector, faced significant technical challenges due to the absence of a technical founder. Their product, initially built using low-code software, lacked scalability and flexibility for incorporating custom features. With limited funding and the pressure to secure a seed round, the founder needed to demonstrate a cutting-edge product and expand its offerings with new AI tools to validate early traction and capitalise on the proof of concept.


Alteam addressed these challenges through a strategic, phased approach starting with our Product Assessment bundle. We assigned a fractional CTO and CPO to thoroughly analyse’s MVP, product strategy, and market approach, leading to substantial enhancements in the product’s design and functionality.

Delivery process

  1. Strategic Product Assessment: The engagement kicked off with a deep dive into’s existing product setup and market strategy. Our fractional CTO and CPO conducted extensive analysis and UX research, leading to actionable improvements and a robust tech plan that set the stage for scalable growth.
  2. Agile Team Formation and Development: Alteam quickly assembled an elastic team of freelancers, perfectly tailored to meet’s development needs. This team, including roles such as DevOps, full-stack developers, and UX/UI designers, was equipped to handle the agile development of AI-powered tools designed to revolutionise the student admission process.
  3. Ongoing Support and Pilot Initiatives: With hands-on support from Alteam’s fractional consultants, successfully navigated early growth challenges, including B2B pilot initiatives and investment acquisition efforts.


The strategic interventions by Alteam not only revamped’s product but also expanded its capabilities with new AI tools, significantly enhancing its market position. The startup is now better equipped to attract seed funding due to its demonstrated innovation in AI applications for education.


This case study highlights Alteam’s effectiveness in leveraging expert fractional leadership and agile development practices to address critical startup challenges. By transforming’s technical capabilities and product offerings, Alteam played a pivotal role in preparing the startup for successful funding rounds and future scalability.