Platform growth acceleration to build a fast way to generate whole-life carbon reports for buildings

Industry: Climate Technology


Cercula, a pioneering startup in the climate tech sector, was poised to make significant strides in sustainability but faced substantial hurdles due to unfinished MVP features left by a previous CTO. These features were critical for their operations, impacting their matching tools and database connections, which are essential for their service delivery.


Alteam stepped in with a comprehensive strategy aimed not only at technical overhaul but also at providing ongoing strategic advisories. Our approach was designed to revitalise Cercula’s technological backbone and align its product development with current market demands and investment opportunities.

Delivery process

  1. System Analysis and Reverse Engineering: Alteam conducted an exhaustive analysis of the existing systems to understand and document the intricate web of legacy operations. Through reverse engineering, we identified key areas for improvement that would enhance functionality and user experience.
  2. Technical Redesign and Development: Building on our findings, we completely redesigned Cercula’s application, introducing new components that modernised their service offerings. The redesign focused on creating intuitive user journeys that facilitate easier and more effective user interactions with the platform.
  3. Strategic Advisory and Investment Guidance: Alongside technical development, Alteam provided Cercula with strategic advisories on product development and guided them through the intricacies of securing investments. Our expertise helped position Cercula more favourably among potential investors by showcasing the startup’s renewed capability and forward-thinking approach.
  4. Outcome and Impact: The collaborative effort culminated in a sophisticated app with enhanced capabilities and user interfaces, significantly empowering Cercula. The improvements played a crucial role in helping them secure a substantial £1.2 million seed funding round, setting a solid foundation for future growth.

Client Testimonial

“They are not afraid of a challenge or trying something new.” — Isabelle Gough, CEO, Cercula


This case study underscores Alteam’s ability to tackle complex technological challenges and provide holistic solutions that encompass both technical execution and strategic growth facilitation. As Cercula continues to drive innovation in the climate tech industry, Alteam remains a pivotal partner in their journey towards creating sustainable and impactful technologies.