Driving Innovation at Aviva with Strategic Prototyping

Client: Aviva
: Insurance

Client Need

Aviva’s innovation team wanted to organise a two-day innovation and team-building hackathon in their London HQ.

One of the challenges is what happens post-hackathon and how to execute and implement the ideas generated through the event.

Solution: Alteam, led by CEO Yoann and Innovation Consultant Maria Halse Duloquin, organized and mentored an innovation hackathon. Leveraging their extensive experience, they provided strategic guidance and implemented a structured approach to monitoring each team, assigning them an AWS solution architect to help build their cloud-based prototypes.


  • Strategic Prototyping Approach: Delivered a comprehensive framework for teams to develop and iterate prototypes swiftly, ensuring immediate feedback and continuous improvement.
  • 1–1 Mentoring Sessions: Conducted numerous sessions on ideation, pitching, and team collaboration to enhance team capabilities and project outcomes.
  • Post-Hackathon Integration: Facilitated detailed impact reporting and engaged executives across departments to ensure commitment and resource allocation for successful projects.


  • Participation: Over 15 teams participated in the hackathon.
  • Project Selection: Aviva selected 3 projects as finalists for further research and implementation.
  • Impact: The structured approach and mentoring sessions enhanced team performance and facilitated the integration of new ideas into Aviva’s operations.


This case study illustrates Alteam’s expertise in fostering innovation through strategic prototyping and structured mentoring. Aviva’s successful hackathon and the subsequent integration of innovative ideas underscore the impact of Alteam’s tailored support and strategic insights.