Elevate the collaboration between startups and top-tier consultants, driving innovation and tailored expert execution for your unique challenges

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Consultant Hub

Each consultant on Connect gets a personalised mini-site to showcase their expertise and achievements. This includes tools for seamless booking and an Alteam account manager to filter opportunity requests, and manage the project onboarding.


Dynamic Matching

We intelligently match consultants—fractional and interim—with projects based on the company director’s challenges and needs, ensuring clients get targeted expertise for optimal outcomes.


24/7 Coaching

Startup founders get round-the-clock coaching. Schedule calls and gain expert insights anytime, which is crucial for navigating the fast-paced, challenging startup world.

Who Is It For?

Startup Founders

Looking to add experienced fractional C-levels & advisors to navigate growth efficiently. Especially founders with non-technical background and limited finance or product expertise.

Mid-sized Businesses

Seeking tailored services to streamline operations and drive growth. With CONNECT, you can easily request a bundle such as ‘Idea Prototyping’ or ‘Website building’.

Fractional Cs & Consultants

Tired of creating profiles on freelance marketplaces and lacking time to promote themselves. We partner with busy consultants that care more about their impact than increasing their client list.

Why Choose Alteam Connect?


Years of supporting startups from our founders


Expert consultants in our network


Qualified project opportinity-checked by Alteam

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You don't have to sign up while we are developing our SaaS platform. Fill in the Contact form, and a team member will contact you.

We are product-focused; therefore, our network includes CPOs and CTOs. Nevertheless, we partner with fractional growth consultants (CFO, CMO, COO).

There are two ways: 1. request someone from our public directory, or 2. book a call to discuss your needs with one of our consultants.

Our service bundles are on-demand packages you can purchase to start your project quickly. Alteam manages and delivers bundles, so we guarantee high-quality standards.

Consultant / Freelancer fee: we charge a variable fee once the contractor starts to work. It varies from 12 to 25% depending on contract terms.
Service bundles: You buy your package upfront, and Alteam uses the funds as a retainer to execute the work.